Two reasons why you should start selling diamond engagement rings in your small jewellery shop

A lot of small jewellery shops sell either inexpensive or moderately expensive jewellery, mostly because this means that the cost of buying their jewellery supplies from manufacturers is more affordable. However, there are many advantages to selling high-end diamond engagement rings in a small shop of this kind. Below are some specific benefits you might experience if you choose to sell this type of ring in your own jewellery shop.

It could ease the pressure you feel to achieve high sales volumes every month

One of the problems with only selling modestly priced jewellery is that you have to sell a large number of items each month in order to ensure that the profits you make during that period are enough to not only cover all of your business's overheads but also your own living expenses. If you have a small business and are not, therefore, very well known, this can be challenging and can leave you feeling under pressure all of the time.

If you can afford the initial outlay of purchasing some diamond engagement rings, doing so could ease this pressure quite a bit. Because a diamond ring of this kind can sell for anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, you won't have to sell quite so many of them in order to cover the above-mentioned expenses. By relieving you of the pressure associated with trying to meet very high-sales-volume targets, you may find it more enjoyable and easier to run your shop, as you won't have to constantly direct all of your attention towards this particular part of your business operations.

It could attract the type of customer who has more disposable income

Because most diamond engagement rings are fairly expensive, they are usually purchased by people with a reasonably large amount of disposable income. As such, by selling rings like this, you can begin to attract customers with this high level of spare income into your shop.

These are the type of people who might be inclined and have the money required to pick up a few extra jewellery pieces whilst they are shopping for an engagement ring. The extra profits you make as a result of drawing customers of this kind could not only enable you to purchase more high-end jewellery from your chosen manufacturers (that could, in turn, help you to reap even higher profits without having to work too hard to boost your sales volumes) but could also be put towards refurbishing or even extending your premises or a raise for your hardest-working employees.

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