Two Steps New Jewellers Should Take If They'll Be Stocking Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are two steps that any new jeweller should take if they'll be stocking diamond engagement rings.

They should invest in equipment to clean the diamond engagement rings

In jewellery shops that don't sell engagement rings, it's not usually necessary for the owners to keep jewellery cleaning equipment on hand (unless they either sell vintage jewellery that needs to be cleaned before being displayed or if they offer their customers a jewellery-cleaning service).

However, any jeweller who plans to include diamond engagement rings in their inventory should keep a selection of cleaning equipment on their premises; this might include an ultrasonic cleaner as well as some manual brushes and cloths (the former can be used for their more robust engagement rings, whilst the latter can be used for the rings whose diamond settings are more delicate).

The reason for this is that diamond engagement rings are the type of jewellery that most people would never purchase without trying on. This is because this ring is one that the wearer will probably keep on their finger for decades, so they know it has to be comfortable and suit their hands and their skin colour.

As such, one customer who wants a ring like this might, during a visit to the jewellers, try on ten of their engagement rings and over the course of a busy day, a dozen other customers might also try on these ten rings. If the jeweller does not clean the rings regularly, the ring bands may end up grimy (from the natural oils on people's fingers) and the diamonds could get dulled by the dust and smudges that the customers leave on them. This could then result in the next round of customers who try on these rings being put off buying them.

They should set up a private area for trying on these rings

If their premises' layout allows for it, jewellers who plan to stock these engagement rings should set up a private section in which customers can try them on. The reason for this is that for most people, choosing their engagement ring is a special experience and one that they're unlikely to do more than once in their lifetime. Additionally, diamond engagement rings are expensive, and most people want to choose this valuable jewellery in an environment where they can focus and ensure that they pick the perfect style.

If a jeweller's premises has no private area for trying on engagement rings, customers who want this product may be forced to try on rings at the counter, where they might be distracted by other customers bumping into them and chatting in a loud manner, and where they don't have the option of privately discussing their budget with the jeweller. This might make buying the ring not quite as special or pleasurable as it should be.