Breastfeeding Support: Why You Need a Lactation Consultant

A new baby, although life-changing, can also be overwhelming, which is especially true for new mothers. Therefore, while you may have been assuming that all you need to do is figure out a routine with your new baby, you should also consider that nursing might be one of the challenges that you will face too. Nursing is not as automatic as people assume it is. In the beginning, the child can find it difficult to latch correctly, and this can cause frustration to the mother. If this is not resolved, the early stages of motherhood can be a nightmare. Fortunately, breastfeeding support is very common currently, and all you need to do is locate a lactation consultant. Check out these reasons why you should seriously deliberate on hiring a lactation consultant.

A lactation consultant can give you all the answers

Breastfeeding is a natural process. However, even while women have been nursing their kids for the beginning of time, it does not mean that you will not be riddled with an assortment of questions. When you hire the services of a lactation consultant, they will be adept at answering all the concerns and questions you have about this process. From clogged ducts to supply problems, anything you are facing can be discussed with your lactation consultant.

A lactation consultant can teach you the right techniques

Not every mother will take to breastfeeding their child as if they have been doing it for the better part of their life. Several considerations go into nursing your baby successfully, from sitting in the right position to knowing how to hold your teat to the baby's mouth. And if you cannot figure out the proper technique on your own, you and your child will both have a terrible time during nursing. The lactation consultant can take you through different methods until you find one that works for both you and your infant.

A lactation consultant can help boost your milk supply

Milk supply is vastly different from one mother to the next. For some women, their milk may not come in soon after birth, and they will have to take extra measures to try to stimulate milk production. Other women may have a high milk supply at the onset only for it to dwindle once they get home and are facing external stresses that could interfere with their milk production. A lactation consultant is trained in trying to bolster your milk supply as much as possible through nutrition, supplements and other avenues.