Should You Hire a Consulting Geotechnical Engineer for Your Custom Home Build?

After the excitement of planning your custom home build begins to subside and reality starts to hit, you begin to realise the magnitude of this type of project. Even though residential construction is typically at a smaller scale than its commercial counterpart is, there is still a multitude of professionals that are involved from the beginning to the end. Not to mention the cost of building supplies from the foundation to the roof. Thus, most people will try to save by overlooking the expertise of a few professionals but, depending on the professional, this can have dire consequences. And one professional that you should prioritise to have on your team is a consulting geotechnical engineer.  This piece illustrates just two of the many reasons why a consulting geotechnical engineer will be a great hire for your custom home build.

Provision of multiple services

One of the greatest advantages that you are set to enjoy when you enlist the services of a consulting geotechnical engineer for your custom home build is the suite of services that will be available to you. When this professional is on your team, they will carry out a range of tests to determine how suitable your lot is for residential construction. This, however, is not just limited to soil testing. Additionally, they will also carry out geotechnical testing and perform a geotechnical analysis of the land before the project is underway. When they are done, they will have compiled enough data to help you determine the best structural design for the custom build to suit the lot.

Determine the land quality

The second advantage of enlisting the services of a geotechnical engineer before construction of your custom home build begin is getting to ascertain the condition of the lot. This professional will engage in extensive deep site testing that provides them with accurate information regarding the quality of the soil. For example, one of the tests carried out is to ascertain the depth of the water level, as this has a direct influence on the quality of the soil. If the water level is not close to the surface, it means the soil is not vulnerable to over saturation, so the lot's quality is sufficient for the construction of your home build. It is vital to determine the quality of the land right at the beginning or you could end up contending with dire consequences that will slow down or even halt construction.

For more information, reach out to a local geotechnical engineer.