Two Tips for Retailers Who Are Purchasing Mobility Scooters for Their Shops

If you're about to invest in some mobility scooters for your shop, you should follow this advice.

Choose scooters that have a very high weight limit

Different mobility scooter models will have different weight limits. If possible, you should ensure the ones you buy have a very high weight limit. A lack of physical mobility often leads to weight management issues for many people, so you want to be sure to get mobility scooters that can accommodate any of your customers who may need to use them.

If your mobility scooters do not have a high weight limit, many of your overweight customers who require them might be unable to use them. If they discover this just as they're about to enter the premises, they may have to turn around and leave, which could not only make them annoyed and embarrassed but would also result in you missing out on their custom. If they don't realise their own body weight exceeds the scooter's limit and they attempt to use it, they could accidentally break it, in which case you would then have to get it repaired and your other immobile customers would have fewer scooters to choose from during this period. As such, it's worth it to look at scooters with very high weight limits.

Consider changing some of your shop's flooring

You might have to change some of your shop's flooring after purchasing these scooters. The reason for this is as follows; many people who use scooters find it hard to drive them over rugs and thick-pile carpets, as the wheels can get stuck on these materials.

If you have these floor accessories and materials in your shop and you don't replace them, you will probably notice that your customers on the scooters regularly encounter this issue. This may result in 'traffic jams' in the shop, as those behind the stuck scooter may not be able to walk around it if the aisles are too narrow. It may also frustrate the scooter-users and make them decide to use other shops in the future.

Lastly, these customers' efforts to move their scooters across these rugs and thick-pile carpets may damage this flooring, as the wheels may tear the fibres and eventually make these materials threadbare. Given this, it would be best to remove any rugs and replace your shop's carpets with hard, smooth flooring materials.

For more information about mobility scooters, contact a local supplier.