Should I Choose A Steel Or Plastic Slimline Tank For My Rainwater Collection System?

In an age where evidence of human-caused environmental damage becomes more obvious and unnerving every day, more and more households are trying to do their part to save valuable resources and energy, and installing a rainwater collection system to supplement your home's water needs is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to go about it. Of course, every rainwater collection system needs a water tank to store the accumulated water, and slimline tanks are a very popular choice for their ability to fit into compact spaces.

3 Reasons People May Buy or Hire a Shipping Container

There are many reasons why a person may be looking to invest in a shipping container. If you work in this industry, understanding the reasons why people buy and hire shipping containers can help you to better market your company. Below is a guide to 3 of the major reasons people use shipping containers.  Long-Term Commercial Storage If companies have produced excess stock, or are planning to ship goods abroad in batches, then they are likely to need long-term commercial storage space.

Making Your Own Golf Hole Is Easier Than You Might Think

Anyone who enjoys a round of golf has probably dreamed of having their own private course. Sadly, for all but an extremely select few, a dream is what it will forever remain, mainly due to the huge amount of space required. Just because you don't have enough land for a full 18-hole course – or even a shorter nine – it doesn't mean you can't build a place to practise your skills in private.

3 Considerations for New Marine Contractors When Building a Floating Dock

Building docks and jetties can be a very fruitful and profitable business for marine contractors living near a boating community. The industry is relatively to enter, even for contractors on a budget, since building a floating dock is not a capital-intensive venture. However, you need to familiarise yourself with legislation and guidelines for building docks. Furthermore, an understanding of the local environment and water levels might separate you from other contractors when seeking new clients.

Benefits of Weather Wrap on Your Home and When You Need It

When you're building a house, there are a lot of different products you may want to include. In particular, you may be wondering if you should use certain James Hardie products, such as a weather barrier. Also called a housewrap, this type of barrier can be useful in a number of situations. Here's a look at some of the potential advantages. Adds Extra Protection for Certain Types of Siding Weather wrap gives your home extra protection if you have certain types of siding.